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Papers Schedule (North Wing, First Floor Grand Rooms A & B)

Time Topic Presenter
Friday 9:00 am till 9:45 am (Grand Rooms A & B) Regulatory Compliance with Safety Code 6 - Antenna Towers: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Sumesh Mohabee, ISED
Friday 9:45 am till 10:30 am (Grand Room A) Bandwidth required for 4K transmission: Is coax dead? Not if you talk to Belden customers! But neither is fiber optic cable or premise/data “Category” cable. nue – and we’re listening! We’re now up to five sizes of 4K 12 GHz coax, and virtually our complete digital coax line at 6 GHz. In this presentation, we start with an analysis of the three choices, fiber, twisted pairs and coax, and the advantages and limitations for each of those. Then we’ll show you the results of six years of hard work and product development keeping coax alive Steve Lampen, Belden
Friday 9:45 am till 10:30 am (Grand Room B) RDS-UMC: Enabling Machines as New Key Demographics for Radio eRadio Jackson Wang & Duff Roman
Friday 10:45 am till 11:30 am (Grand Room A) Monitoring for 4K, High Dynamic Range and Wide Colour: UltraHD, HDR and WCG present new challenges for camera acquisition, post-production, and delivery to an increasing number of formats and target audiences. How will you make sure that your content meets those specs? Learn how Tektronix products can help streamline your next-gen workflows Gord Langdon, Tektronix
Friday 10:45 am till 11:30 am (Grand Room B) HD Radio Technology in Canada: An overview of HD Radio Technology rollout in Canada. Opportunities and technical considerations when implementing the technology in Canada and the prospect for a North American digital radio standard Jeff Detweiler, XPERI Corporation - HD Radio
Friday 11:30 am till 12:30 pm (Grand Room A) What Makes A Lens 4K?: Presentation will explore the evolution of broadcast and cinema lenses which has enabled the manufacture of high quality optics to allow for 4K imaging Stosh Durbacz, Fujifilm, Optical Devices Division
Friday 11:30 am till 12:30 pm (Grand Room B) HD Radio in Canada: A view on a possible technical and regulatory framework: The first part of the paper will describe what are the different mode of operation of HD Radio. It will evaluate what are the technical impacts in terms of coordination with other surrounding analog and digital FM stations. The presentation will demonstrate how to evaluate the resulting coverage (in terms of simulations and actual field measurements). Francois O. Gauthier, Octave Communications Suzanne Lamarre, Therien Couture
Friday 1:30 pm till 2:00 pm (Grand Room A) Advances in Data Cable and Connectors: This paper outlines advances in data cable design and performance. It outlines Belden 10GXS and also discusses Category 8, 25Gb and 40 Gb data rates, , soon to arrive. This paper also introduces REVConnect, a revolutionary new way of assembling RJ-45 data connectors on Category 5e, 6 and 6A cables. The philosophy of how to maximize connector performance, while making it easy to install, will be outlined Steve Lampen, Belden
Friday 1:30 pm till 2:00 pm (Grand Room B) HD Radio in Canada: A view on a possible technical and regulatory framework: The second part will concentrate on the regulatory (CRTC) aspects of the introduction of HD radio in Canada Francois O. Gauthier, Octave Communications Suzanne Lamarre, Therien Couture
Friday 2:00 pm till 3:00 pm (Grand Room A) Reducing the TCO of TV & FM Transmission Systems Don Backus, Rohde & Schwarz
Friday 2:00 pm till 3:00 pm (Grand Room A) Wide Orbit Automation for Radio and Music Master Integration William "Dub" Irvin - Jim Hammond - Wide Orbit, Malcolm Sinclair -Music Master
Friday 3:15 pm till 4:00 pm (Grand Room A) TV Repack and ATSC 3.0 Implications: "The spectrum repack may find many stations looking at the possibility of moving to high band VHF, or even low band VHF. This presentation will discuss what worked back in the analog days and what is needed to succeed in the digital era, including with ATSC 3.0." Bill Ammons, MicronetiXX Communications LLC
Friday 3:15 pm till 4:00 pm (Grand Room B) Transitioning to All Digital HD Radio in Canada: Many Canadian broadcasters have converted to IBOC and are benefitting from the number of HD Radio receivers that have already entered Canada through standardized North American car models, potentially accelerating digital radio conversion in Canada. This presentation will detail today’s definition of the hybrid FM+IBOC signal, its configuration options, equipment requirements and advanced concepts such as single frequency network implementations. Looking to the future, the presentation will show a potential transition plan to all-digital HD Radio broadcasting that builds upon the existing definition of the IBOC signal and is largely compatible with today’s receiver base. HD Multiplex is the technology that allows three or more independent IBOC signals to be combined in a single transmitter through frequency shifting and combined crest factor reduction. This method greatly increases the payload capacity available to digital radio and demonstrably increases the spectral efficiency of the limited FM band. Digital radio can focus on high fidelity audio services or increased content offering; up to 15 audio services can be transmitted from one transmitter as demonstrated by Nautel. This new technology allows for a transition plan that can be uniquely tailored for Canadian broadcasting needs. Commercial broadcasters will obtain an edge by converting to hybrid FM+IBOC on their existing frequency allocation. Canada’s Native and Ethnic Broadcasting policies may be adapted to make use of the increased channel capacity offered by an HD Multiplex transmitter. AM broadcasters may be able to migrate to the FM band on all-digital side channels. The success of this transition plan is based on a common HD Radio receiver base across all application areas without the need to turn off FM broadcasting. Digital radio will impact the lives of millions of Canadians and keep over the air radio relevant in the future Philipp Schmid, Nautel
Friday 4:00 pm till 5:30 pm (Grand Rooms A & B) What Are The Next Generation of Broadcast Engineers Missing? Panelists: David "Geets" Haydu, Evanov Radio & Rogers, Harrie Jones, Larry Keats
Saturday 9:00 am till 9:45 am (Grand Rooms A & B) CAB Technical Coordinating Committee Update: Current activities of the CAB Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC) include emergency alerting, Safety Code 6 compliance reporting, the repacking of the 600 MHz TV band, next generation radio technologies, and actively contributing to ISED regulatory updates Kirk Nesbitt, Canadian Association Of Broadcasters
Saturday 9:45 am till 10:30 am (Grand Rooms A & B) New Industry Canada Tower Lighting Regulations: Industry Canada has recently revised ICES-005 by lowering the tolerable RF noise produced by tower lighting. Items such as switching power supplies and gas discharge tubes are no longer permitted. This has a significant effect on tower owners, as over half of the towers in Canada currently use this type of lighting. ICES-005 is mandatory, falling under the federal Radiocommunication Act Brian Grey, RVA Lighting & Masts
Saturday 10:45 am till 11:30 am (Grand Rooms A & B) AES 67, the Audio Over IP Standard & AES 70, an Open Control Architecture: AES Standards bring the industry's engineering teams together to ensure peak performance and interoperability. Standards like AES3 (2-channel digital audio), AES10 (MADI), AES14 (analog XLR pin-out) have improved industry workflow, and saved your production more times than you realize Anthony P. Kuzub, Ward-Beck Systems - AES Toronto
Saturday 11:30 am till 12:15 am (Grand Rooms A & B) Catching Up with Our Consultants: Broadcast Engineers always have lots of questions about seemingly ever-changing rules and regulations. Who better to answer them than the pros who help guide the government? Join our panelists for a discussion about everything from HD Radio lisencing to the TV Repack to Safety Code 6 and other topics that could make you the smartest guy at the table at your next management meeting! Raymond Carnovale, P Eng, Raymond Carnovale Ltd, Jim Moltner, P Eng, Teknyx, Ltd, Stuart Hahn, P Eng