Francois O. Gauthier
Engineering Excellence Award
Andrew Mulrooney
Bob Norton Ambassador of the Year
Jacques Letourneau
Lifetime Achievement Award
Max Schulttz
George McCurdy Award

Award Requirements

Bob Norton Ambassador of the Year:
An Ambassador is a diplomatic minister of the highest order. This award is named in memory of its first recipient, Bob Norton, who was an icon of the Canadian Broadcast Community, and who gave the first technical paper at the first CCBE Conference in 1951. The Ambassador Award recognizes the individual, who through efforts, other than that of engineering achievement, contributed to the prestige and honour of the Broadcast Engineering Industry. This award recognizes the skill of communicating and building relationships within the industry.

Engineering Excellence Award:
The CCBE Engineering Excellence Award is awarded to an individual who has displayed a high standard of engineering accomplishment in Canadian Broadcasting.

C.C.B.E. Lifetime Achievement Award:
The CCBE Lifetime Achievement award is given to an individual who made outstanding contributions to the Canadian broadcast community in their life. In order to be eligible, candidates must have made innovative contributions which had an impact on the evolution and implementation of new broadcast technology. The granting of this award is to give wider recognition for the individual’s achievements over the span of their career.

George McCurdy Bursary Award:
The McCurdy Bursary Award is given to an up and coming Broadcast Engineer, Technologist, or Technician who has displayed to his or her peers the ability to go beyond that which is expected of a new technical student working toward a career in Broadcasting.